Lockouts; why you should call a locksmith!

If you get locked out of your Evanston, IL home, car or business, what is the first thing you should do? 9 out of 10 people would say “call a locksmith” and while that makes sense, would they really do it? Many will panic and others will hesitate. There HAS to be another alternative! Sometimes people fear locksmith help; especially if they have never used one or had a bad experience with a technician in the past. While you don’t have to use Locksmith Pro Evanston, we do recommend that if you find yourself locked out, that you call a licensed, bonded and insured, full service, 24-hour lock and key shop.

Aren’t locksmiths expensive?

“Expensive” is a relative term. How expensive is your safety or your convenience? What is your time worth? How important is it to you to get the job done right and with no damage to your property? Cost is always something that you have to weigh. You do this with every purchase you make, be it food, shelter, entertainment, travel or education. If you get locked out, you’ll need to weigh the pros and cons of actually hiring a locksmith and if the pros win out, do it!

All lock professionals are not equal. That’s like comparing a 5 Star meal from a trained and experienced chef to a bowl of Cheerios! Sure, a local Evanston, IL handyman or repair person might charge less, but can they do the same job? – Probably not.

Shop around BEFORE you need a locksmith!

Be proactive and start your search for a good lock and key professional now, or at least before you actually need him. If you never find yourself locked out or needing rekey work; great! At least, you were ready. If you do find yourself on the wrong side of a locked door, trunk or vault, you have only to tap the number in your smart phone and your newly vetted lock professional will be on the way!

Start by asking your family members, co-workers, loved ones and neighbors. Who do they recommend or warn against? Keep in mind that people only seem to remember the good experiences or the bad ones and you can learn from both! Ask about service, cost, response time, demeanor, guarantees, quality of hardware and overall experience.

Go a step farther and actually call a few shops. How do they sound when they answer the phone? Were they helpful and polite or did they sound like they just didn’t want to bother? See if they really do provide 24-hour emergency help. Everyone claims to but make them commit to actual round the clock responsive service. Find out how they get calls after hours. Do they retrieve them from an answering machine or voice mail or do they have 24-hour live answer telephone dispatchers to ensure that your call went through? Do they give free price quotes? Do they use quality lock brands complete with warranty coverage?

Don’t smash your way back inside!

Now, use your good judgement here. If you have a child, pet or disabled person inside your car and it’s getting hot outside, do whatever you have to do to get them out! Period! Situations like that are the exceptions, not the rule! For more normal lockouts Locksmith Pro Evanston strongly urges you to stay calm and resist the urge to force your way back in. Don’t pry door frames, smash locks, break glass or start climbing up on the roof like Tarzan! Acting like this can get you injured, arrested and even shot by frightened, well-meaning roommates, neighbors, or police who may not recognize you or know what you are trying to do.

It’s ironic but the people doing the most property damage are usually the ones trying the hardest to save money and not call a locksmith. They don’t realize that it costs more to restore windows, doors and locks than it does to simply pay for a service call. All this doesn’t account for possible cuts, falls and other injuries that take place when innocent folks try to hastily get back inside.

Won’t the police let me back in?

No! Police departments will not respond to lockout situations unless a crime is taking place inside the home, car or building. If a crook locked you out and is still inside, then yes; they will respond. Bear in mind that their goal is not to let you back in but to catch the criminal! They may offer to call a locksmith for you but why get one that they send over and not one that you’ve already selected based on the criteria above?

Smartphone vs payphone

In the old days, people would try and find a payphone in order to call for help. Today, payphone booths are pretty much a thing of the past and the big yellow page books inside are, too. On the other hand, EVERYONE has a mobile device of some kind so why not enter at least one reliable locksmith shop into your contacts section and have it ready?

While you are waiting for your locksmith to come to your aid, it’s a good idea to stay on the phone with someone. This does two things. It calms you down and keeps your mind off of your troubles while you wait. It also provides a live witness in case you run into troubles of any kind.

Real locksmiths are professionals

Think for a minute about the professionals in your life; your doctor, your lawyer, your realtor, your accountant, etc. What makes them professional? You already know the answer. They are licensed, well-trained, highly skilled, fully insured and they care deeply about their profession. You should view your locksmith the same way. Trust him or her to use their skill and expertise to safely and professionally let you back inside in a timely manner and with no damage to your locks or property in general. Lockouts will happen no matter how careful we are, but you don’t have to face them alone when there are great locksmiths available just for calling!

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