Different Lock and Key Types

When it comes to the protection of our properties, we have many different options available. From access control to keyless entry, people have everything they could possibly need. There are dozens of different kinds of locks to choose from, too. Of course, with the large number of locks available, there are also plenty of different keys to go with them. Locksmith Pro Evanston has compiled information that will benefit people everywhere, not just in Evanston, IL. When you make the decision to secure your home, the first place you are going to start is with the locks. This same notion applies to commercial properties, too. Here, you will be able to discover the best kind of lock for your specific needs. From knob locks to padlocks, you have plenty to choose from.

1. Knob locks

Knob locks are very common and very popular. They can be found on various types of doors, from patio doors and front doors to bedroom doors and even garage doors. This is a type of lock which comes with knobs on both sides. It also has a hole in which you are able to insert a key. You won’t see this kind of lock on a front door that leads directly into the home, because it is too easy to break. More likely, you will see it inside of a property.

2. Padlocks

Padlocks are portable, so they are easily distinguished from other locks. A padlock typically comes with a lock body, shackle and lock mechanism. There are different types of padlocks available, for instance you can get one that is a combination lock or a keyed lock. The keyed one uses a key, while the other uses a code! You might want to use this type of lock on a locker or bike.

3. Furniture Locks

If you have a sliding door, cabinet or desk you want to lock, then consider furniture locks. Again, there are different types available, from bolt style to push button style.

3. Lever handle locks

You will usually find lever handle locks on interior doors. They tend to have a more appealing appearance than knob locks. They aren’t locked using a key most of the time; rather, they are locked by pressing a button and then unlocked from the inside by twisting the knob. You might see this sort of lock in businesses, fitting rooms/dressing rooms, and bathrooms, for instance.

4. Deadbolts

Anyone who owns a home of their own should think about having deadbolts set up. It is so important to have as much protection as you can get, and deadbolts provide you with just a little bit more. From thumb turn deadbolts and keyless deadbolts to single cylinder deadbolts and double cylinder deadbolts, you have numerous options. Double cylinder deadbolts are basically a step up from single cylinder deadbolts. If you have some money to spend, you might want to look into a keyless deadbolt, which has a tendency to be slightly pricier than some of its competitors.

5. Keyless entry pad

Using a code to get into a property can be more convenient but also safer. A keyless entry pad is a lock that is controlled electronically. One must enter a code in order to open the deadbolt. You can often find them available in touch pads and sometimes card systems. So, some use a touch pad that you will need a code for, and others use a card system in which a card must be placed against the lock for entry. This is commonly found in hotels.

6. Mortise locks

Mortise locks operate through the utilization of a deadbolt lock mechanism and a non-locking spring latch. This is a lock that definitely requires the assistance of a professional when it comes to installation, as it is quite difficult to do.

Different Keys

Of course, just like there are many lock options, there are also different types of keys. Some of the most popular kinds include tubular keys, patio double glazing keys, safe keys, household cylinder keys, window lock keys, high security keys, file cabinet keys and car keys (transponder keys, smart keys, etc.). To provide some examples, a pin tumbler lock key is often used in homes. Tubular keys are typically used for vending machines and even laptop security cables. One type of car key is a valet key which is generally used to start the ignition. Of course, it is important to mention that keyless entry is becoming a very popular choice for many who are looking for convenient protection for their property. The options are practically endless!

Talk to a locksmith about the best brands available and the types of products they carry. Some favorites of lock and security providers everywhere include Medeco, Schlage, Master Lock and Yale. The team at Locksmith Pro Evanston is always available to answer questions that locals in Evanston, Illinois have, but if you aren’t in this location, then be sure to pull up the information of a professional in your area that you can count on. You can find someone by looking through reviews and ensuring the feedback is positive; also, make sure that the person you hire is licensed and insured. Don’t get overwhelmed with all of the different locks and keys that exist. Just talk to an expert if you have any questions at all! Clearly, there are many different options when it comes to locks and keys – some are more expensive than others, but all are meant to provide you with security and convenience, which is very important. Stay safe but be sure to use products that are convenient for you and make your life easier. Whether you want to try new locks and keys, or are interested in finding out more about keyless entry, do your research or get on the phone with an expert lock and security provider. You will be impressed by all that is available.

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